Rock Report 3/24/2021

Royal Blood are playing a live show, sort of. The U.K duo will be digitized and added to the popular video game Roblox for an upcoming show within the game. The performance is for the games awards show on Saturday called the Bloxy Awards. Royal Blood are set to play three songs during their set including the premiere of their new single Limbo. —ALL THE DIGITAL DETAILS

If you’re tired of the same old dating show, Meat Loaf is coming to the rescue with an all new show titled after his ’93 hit I’d Do Anything for Love, but I won’t do that. Each episode of the show will have two couples perform outlandish stunts that will put their relationship to the test. Think of it as a combination of Married at First Sight and Fear Factor. Meat Loaf is set to be the executive producer and they are currently shopping the show to different networks and streaming services to see who will pick it up. —REALITY DATING WITH MEAT LOAF

When Lemmy Kilmister died six years ago the world lost an icon in the rock world. If Lemmy’s status as a rock legend was ever in question let that doubt be put from your mind. Lemmy arranged to have his ashes placed into bullet casings and sent to his closest friends. The bullets have been making their way to Lemmy’s closest friends recently as evidenced by a social media post by Riki Rachtman whom received one. If there is something more rock and roll than having your ashes placed into bullet casings and sent to your closest friends I haven’t heard of it. —RACHTMAN GOT ONE— —SO DID UGLY KID JOE FRONTMAN WHITFIELD CRANE—  —SOURCE STORY

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