Rock Report 3/23/22

Practical jokes are frequently a staple for touring rock bands, and during a recent Tool show, Maynard James Keenan got the better of drummer Danny Carey by swapping his gong mallet out with a sex toy mid-performance.

Maynard recently posted a video on his Instagram that gives you a feel for Tool’s dynamic while out on the road. The video starts out with him pulling a sex toy out from a bag, then crawling toward drummer Danny Carey, all during a live Tool concert.

The Ukrainian metal band Jinjer has raised over $140,000 in aid for their country following Russia’s invasion of it with charity T-shirts they launched earlier this month in place of a planned tour of America alongside Slipknot on the Knotfest Roadshow.

After Russia began attacking in February, Jinjer confirmed their members’ safety but condemned the invasion led by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In protest, proceeds from the sale of the limited edition shirts will help charities throughout Ukraine.

Greta Van Fleet have now postponed the remainder of their current tour, which was set to conclude on April 2. While Jake Kiszka has been discharged from the hospital, he continues to struggle with the effects from his pneumonia and needs time to heal. The band will reschedule the lost dates. You can read their full statement online.