Rock Report 3/19/2021

John Cooper, frontman for Skillet, has gotten himself in a bit of trouble with his words again. On his podcast, Cooper Stuff, on Wednesday, Cooper drew comparisons between the reaction to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallions performance at The Grammys and the reaction to speeches made by Adolf Hitler. Of course his words were misconstrued and he released another video yesterday saying that he “did not compare Cardi B to Hitler, and I did not compare her performance to Hitler or any other dictator.” Cooper was previously misconstrued around a year ago when people thought that he said rock was dead. —THE ORIGINAL POST—  —THE EXPLAINATION VIDEO

Myles Kennedy has recently released the title track to his forthcoming solo effort the Ides of March. The song is available digitally now. In a recent interview Kennedy explained why the album Ides of March was coming out in May instead of March, “We actually contemplated trying to get it out in March but, there was just no way with the state of the world, and all the things you need to do to set up a record and whatnot.”  —THE IDES OF MARCH

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