Rock Report 3/1/22

Tool are currently on tour in the U.S. and the road has a habit of testing one’s ability to keep themselves entertained during swaths of downtime. For Maynard James Keenan, however, that spilled over to the stage at a recent gig, where he was filmed playing the popular game Jenga behind Danny Carey’s drum kit mid-song. And Carey unwittingly gave his singer a surprise too.

The visual effects of Tool’s live production are more than enough to keep fans engaged throughout these extended vocal-less bits, which freed up Keenan to test his patience and skill in a one-man game of Jenga.

DISTURBED‘s David Draiman was one of the musicians who joined Lou Brutus of HardDrive Radio to celebrate the 30th anniversary of PANTERA‘s classic sophomore major label album “Vulgar Display Of Power”. Speaking about the impact the LP had on his musical upbringing, Draiman said ( “[PANTERA] really, I think, at that point, had honed the whole groove metal thing that they had pioneered; they had gotten it to be so, so perfect. And look, that record was songs we covered, songs we adored, songs that were the soundtrack to many a late-night bit of Sodom and Gomorrah on the bus [laughs] — all kinds of craziness. There was all kinds of moments that those songs are literally part of the soundtrack to our upbringing.

Foo Fighters’ new comedy-horror film Studio 666 is being called a box office flop after underperforming at North American movie theaters in its opening weekend, as subsequently reported by Box Office Mojo and summarized by Billboard.

Despite being the only new film released in theaters nationwide over the weekend (Feb. 25-27), Studio 666 still came in at No. 8 in total box office receipts with a domestic gross of $1.58 million from its debut on 2,306 movie screens across the country.