Rock Report 2/28/22

Foo Fighters announced a limited-edition Coors Light beer to tie in with their comedy-horror movie Studio 666. Named Almighty Light, the drink is available in time for the film’s release tomorrow and is described as protection against the kind of malevolent force that possesses Dave Grohl in the movie’s plot.  An additional note explained that “this limited batch of beer has been blessed by a non-denominational ordained minister.”

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power, which makes some of us feel older than God. And while Pantera’s legacy has gone through a lot since 1992, it’s undeniable that the record is a banger, and that it shaped the face of metal as we know it. Now, Z2 Comics, the company behind the graphic novels about classic albums by Dio, King Diamond, and recently Spiritbox, have announced that they’ve partnered with Pantera to release a Vulgar Display of Power graphic novel.

Z2’s Vulgar Display of Power graphic novel contains stories based on each of the songs from the band’s classic album, penned by some of metal and modern comics’ best and brightest.

In the early morning of Feb. 24 (6AM Moscow time / 5AM in Kyiv), Russia officially launched an invasion of neighboring country Ukraine, after weeks of escalating military tension along the border and a sharp condemnation from various world leaders. Jinjer, the four-piece progressive metal band founded in 2008 in the Ukranian city of Donetsk, have confirmed their personal safety and the safety of their families in a social media statement that also urged support for their home country from their fans across the globe.

The statement was issued at 1:35PM ET and the group said, “Dear all, as we write this text, for the moment, each member of Jinjer and our families are safe and unhurt.”