Rock Report 2/24/2021

Ruh Ro Raggey. Scooby Doo has gone through a lot of different iterations over the years and the most recent show is called Scooby Doo and Guess Who? Tomorrow night Scoob and the gang team up with Guns N Roses front man Axel Rose to solve a mystery. The show airs at 8pm on Boomerang. —SCOOBY SNACKS N’ ROSES

New Shinedown is coming out this year! Brent Smith recently admitted as much in a recent interview saying “I can’t give you exact dates on everything for the new record. I can tell you that we will be looking after summer for release” Smith is also hopeful to be touring as evidenced when he said “as far as touring is concerned, we’re locking in. Fingers crossed, we’re gonna be doing shows — full Shinedown — hopefully by August of this year.” —ADMISSION OF SHINEDOWN

Dropkick Murphys have a St Patricks Day Live Stream planned for their favorite holiday and you may even hear them perform new songs. The band just announced their 10th studio album to be called Turn Up That Dial. The new album will drop at the end of April. When Dropkick Murphys announced the new album they also released a song from the new album called Middle Finger, you can check the new tune out via digital outlets now. —MIDDLE FINGER—  —ST PATRICK’S DAY LIVE STREAM DETAILS

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