Rock Report 2/23/2021

Green Day released their new song via digital outlets on Sunday. The new tune called Here Comes the Shock is a return to classic Green Day with a whopping run time of 154 seconds. The accompanying video for Here Comes the Shock acts as a punk rock aerobic video. You can see the video now on YouTube. —GETTING PHYSICAL GREEN DAY STYLE

In addition to being in the new film Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos, Halestorm also contributed a musical selection by covering The Who’s 1974 track Long Live Rock. You can see the Halestorm version on YouTube now. The movie Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos is due out March 12th and will feature interviews and performances from Halestorm, Rob Zombie, Metallica, and more. Tickets for the movie are available now. —HALESTORMS LONG LIVE ROCK—  —CELEBRATE THE CHAOS TICKETS

Last week Vicky Cornell sued the remaining members of Soundgarden after they offered to buyout Chris Cornells’ share of the band. Cornells’ widow claimed that the remaining members of the band offered her a “villainously low” $300,000 for Chris’ share of the band. On Sunday, the remaining members of Soundgarden issued a statement about Vicky’s claim saying “The buyout offer that was demanded by the estate has been grossly mischaracterized and we are confident that clarity will come out in court” —LEGAL DRAMA

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