Rock Report 2/11/2021

Amidst the dumpster fire that is Marilyn Mansons life since Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse at the beginning of the month, there is a bright point. Manson’s music is getting streamed and purchased more. His streams are up 7% and sales are up 40% since the beginning of February. With that bright point comes more for the shit sandwich that is Manson’s life, his songs aren’t getting the radio airplay they used to and his booking agency CAA has severed ties. —BRIGHT AND NOT SO BRIGHT POINTS

The popularity contest that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced 16 nominees for induction in the 2021 Hall of Fame class. As per usual with the rock and roll hall of fame there are nominees that make sense and nominees that have you scratching your head as to why? To see the complete list of nominees and to vote got to —FULL DETAILS

Greta Van Fleet’s new album The Battle at Gardens Gate is due out April 16th. Just recently they released the complete track listing for the album and even dropped a new song. The new tune is called Heat Above and marks the first time Greta has included an organ and string instruments into one of their songs. You can pick Heat Above up now via digital outlets. —FULL TRACK LISTING—  —HEAT ABOVE

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