Rock Report 12/23/2020

In 2005 when Nickelback released their much memed hit song Photograph, A) there were no memes and B) they never could have realized that phones would become the place where most photos would be stored. At the time the big phone of the year was the Nokia 1100 and it didn’t even take pictures. Now, a more current version of the song has been released by Nickelback for a Google Photos commercial and it shows that Nickelback sees what you’re saying and they aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves. —LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH…COMMERCIAL

Yesterday, if you were online in the right place at the right time you could have watched the debut of the video for Chris Cornell’s cover of John Lennon’s Watching The Wheels with his family. Watching the Wheels is the second song from the No One Sings Like You covers album that was just released earlier this month. —WATCH THE WHEELS

If the usual brand of holiday music is to upbeat for you then a metal cover of You’re A Mean On Mr. Grinch may be what you need to get through the holidays. Danny Worsnop, the frontman of Asking Alexandria teamed up with YouTube star Jared Dines and dropped the cover recently. You can see the video for it on YouTube now.  —YOU’RE A METAL ONE MR. GRINCH

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