Source: YouTube

New York’s legendary hardcore band Sick Of It All are getting a little extra publicity lately after rapper Travis Scott was seen sporting one of the band’s t-shirts at a Knicks/Nets game recently. Check out the clip over at 95 WIIL that shows Scott chillin’ courtside, representing the band, when a stripped basketball hits the rappers beer causing it to explode all over the court.

Former guitar shredder Jason Becker recently sold a guitar he received as a gift from the late, great Eddie Van Halen at an auction recently. Becker, who was diagnosed with ALS back in ’89, sold the instrument for $110,000 to help with his ongoing medical expenses.

And finally, Lars Ulrich took to his Instagram account on Wednesday to let fans know that his 95 year old father passed away. Lars wrote, “95 years of adventures, unique experiences, curiosity, pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, tennis, music, art, writing and quite a bit of Danish attitude. Thank you endlessly! I Love you Dad!”