Source: YouTube

If you were ever a fan of the animated franchise movies Kung Fu Panda, guess what? A new movie is on the way! Kung Fu Panda 4, starring the clumsy panda “Po Ping” who is voiced by non other than Jack Black will hit the big screens sometime next year. Black says that he is really excited about this one because the creators of the film asked if his band “Tenacious D” would create a song for the credits.

Fred Durst and the boys in Limp Bizkit will be “Rollin” through North America on the “Loserville” tour coming up this summer. The tour will kick off July 16th in Somerset Wisconsin and if you wanna get your “Nookie” fix on you can check them out at the Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre in Tinley Park on Saturday, July 20th. Never seen the boys in Bizkit before, but what sells this one for me, is that the overly talented Corey Feldman will be the opener.

And finally, a new Grand Theft Auto will be hitting the shelves sometime in 2025 with Tom Petty’s song “Love Is A Long Road” used in the game’s trailer. GTA 6 is based in Vice City and I cannot believe how realistic the graphics are now days. I literally had to walk away for a second and adjust myself…if you know what I mean!!!