Rock Report 12/01/2020

Morgan Rose, the longtime drummer for Sevendust, kept himself busy during the pandemic by recording a solo EP called Controlled Chaos. He just released it last Friday. The EP finds Rose stepping behind the mic and singing for the first time. He released a single off the EP called Exhale and you can see the video for it on YouTube now. —EXHALE

November was a good month for System of A Down. First they released their first new music in 15 years in the form of two singles called Protect the Land and Genocidal Humanoidz to much acclaim. Then just this past weekend the video for Chop Suey reached 1 billion views on youtube. At this rate who knows what December will bring for System of a Down, maybe peace in their ancestral homeland of Armenia. —SOURCE STORY

Ivan Moody delivered an interesting Instagram video recently in response to the news that former Five Finger Death Punch members Jeremy Spencer and Jason Hook collaborated on a couple of songs for Spencers new band Psychosexual’s new EP. In the video Moody responded to a challenge that wasn’t made and an insult that wasn’t made. In addition to that he also made bold claims on the next Five Finger album saying I am personally gonna make sure that this new Death Punch album is like nothing you’ve ever f*ing heard before.” —INSTA-DRAMA?

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