Rock Report 11/9/2020

Maybe 2020 is looking up, if only for the reason that System of a Down, after fifteen years, released new music last Friday. They dropped two tracks simultaneously, one called Protect The Land, and the other called Genocidal Humanoidz. Both are available for digital download now. —FULL STORY— —GH AUDIO— —PTL VIDEO

Of course for some finding out that Creed might reunite is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Creed drummer Scott Phillips said in a recent interview “There has been some chatter, and there’s no specific timetable for anything or no specific plans, but it’s a possibility down the road, we’ll just kind of let it play out naturally and see what happens.” —IN A WORD, POSSIBLE

You know you’ve made it as a musician when you have your own signature instrument. You also realize that fact when someone is willing to steal said signature instrument. Adam Jones of Tool has a signature guitar with Gibson and in Indiana recently an entire shipment of the 1979 Les Paul Customs went missing. In an effort to find the guitars Gibson has published the serial numbers and asked their fans to keep an eye out for said guitars in the third party market. —MISSING GIBSON

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