Source: YouTube

Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro put out a statement on Sunday letting fans know that he and the band are officially parting ways. Loureiro, who was absent from the bands last tour, due to a family matter, said that both sides agree that it is the right move.

If you were hoping to see Ozzy out on tour again, chances are that will never happen. Fans were freaked out last week after spotting the 74 year old using a wheelchair, shortly after his son Jack took to social media stating that his pops might do a couple one-off’s, but doesn’t think he will ever tour again. Personally, I couldn’t imagine watching the “Oz Man” sing “Iron Man” in a wheelchair!

And finally, Ford Field in Detroit have uploaded a 42-second time-lapse video that shows how much work it takes to set up and tear down the stage for Metallica’s “M72” tour. It’s crazy too see how much goes into the bands production. They travel in 87 semi’s, 45 for the band and it’s set up, plus two groups of 21 each for the steel stage and towers. Along with that they have 130 crew members, plus 40 steelworkers.