Rock Report 11/19/2020

Foo Fighters are making their rounds to promote their new album Medicine at Midnight which is due out in early 2021. Tonight they will be on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s believed that they will be playing their new single Shame Shame. —LATE NIGHT FOO

Even though Metallica is one of the most well know rock acts of the 20th century there are a percentage of the fans that believe they could be even better with a different drummer. Lars has been catching flak for his drum skills for years that now he is numb to the criticism and said as much in a recent interview “It’s all good. I’ve got nothing left to prove, so it just doesn’t register anymore.” —THE PROOF

Courtney Love hasn’t put any new music out in over 10 years. That may all change soon as she is said to be writing new music while living in London and finishing her memoir. There have also been rumors of a Hole reunion which stemmed from a rehearsal the band had a year ago to which Love said “We had a good session, but it takes a bit of time to get back into the rhythm of it all, it’s something I’d love to do and I’ve been taking guitar lessons over Zoom during lockdown and I’m writing again so we’ll see!” —THE HOLE STORY

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