Rock Report 11-18-21

KISS’s longtime manager Doc McGhee says the band will play a Vegas run after all. The first residency was scrapped a couple weeks ago.

Speaking with The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn, McGhee says it wasn’t the rumored “soft ticket sales” that were initially reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that caused the shows to be canceled. (The paper edited that part out of the article shortly after posting it.)  Rather, KISS decided that too-strict COVID policies that might impact European fans getting to see the shows were the reason.

Metallica’s history is quite extensive, as we’ve seen through the band’s dedication to sharing past live audio archives. But the group is now ready for even more sharing, announcing the launch of The Metallica Black Box, a portal that will serve to showcase the band’s many keepsakes, photographs, articles of clothing, sketches and various other memorabilia and collectibles.
Features available exclusively in the Black Box will range from the virtual to the physical – including weekly livestream events to extremely limited signed memorabilia. And it should be noted that the Black Box will be an ever growing space, with the band digging deeper into their vaults to focus on more items within the years ahead.

Does “Big Me” want to be a smaller “me”? Are you tired of thinking you’ll get in shape “Next Year”? Well, “Times Like These” are perfect to burn off the calories as Peloton have tapped Foo Fighters music to soundtrack their next series of workouts as part of their Featured Artist Series.

If you’re ready for a “Run” that will hopefully bring out the “Best of You,” there are several workouts scheduled through the day on Wednesday (Nov. 17). It starts off with a Foo Fighters Peloton Warm Up Run with Marcel Dinkins at 10AM ET. There’s also a Warm Up Ride with Christine D’Ercole at 11AM ET.