Rock Report 11/12/2020

Marilyn Manson is still a little sensitive about his ex-girlfriend Evan Racheal Wood. He recently hung up on an interviewer as soon as they asked him about her. Wood has been sharing her experience with mental and sexual abuse recently. Though she doesn’t name Manson as the abuser she does state that the abuse happened in 2006 when she was 18 which also happens to be the time frame when her and Manson started dating. —SOURCE STORY

AC/DC pulled the old bait and switch. They gave us a tease of a new tune called Demon Fire not that long ago. Then yesterday they released a full song called Realize. AC/DC’s new album Power Up drops tomorrow. You can pick up the new song now via digital outlets or just wait till tomorrow and get the whole album. —STORY DETAILS— —REALIZE AUDIO

Finally the Pretty Reckless have revealed when their new album will come out. The fourth studio effort from Taylor Momson and company will be called Death By Rock and Roll and will finally arrive on February 12th 2021. Just to keep the interest alive The Pretty Reckless are releasing a new song tomorrow called 25.   —FULL STORY AND TRACK LIST

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