Source: YouTube

Wayne Swinny is being honored at The Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville with a permanent exhibit that opened up this past Sunday. Family, friends, and fans showed up to witness the late Saliva guitarist being honored at the event. Swinny passed away in March from a brain hemorrhage, and will truly be missed from us here at WIIL Rock.

Halloween was a bit of a drag this year for trick-or-treaters, due to the weather…but it’s not always bad. Imagine giving away candy on a perfectly nice day, answering the door…and have the members of GWAR there requesting candy. Well that happened 11 years ago and I found some footage of it. It’s pretty damn comical!

And finally, a new study found that young men between the ages of 18 and 22 that use their cellphones more than 20 times a day are at higher risk for a low sperm count. C’mon!!!! Ponder that for a quick minute… that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!! Do these researchers think these guys are checking on their fantasy football all day long… Hell No!!! They’re drained!! Thus nothing left to give…..