Rock Report 10/29/2020

With masks being part of our wardrobe now a lot of bands have been releasing their own masks so you can show off your personal taste while still being compliant. However, while wearing a mask your mood and expression have been seriously hampered. Never fear Nine Inch Nails to the rescue. They have devised a mask that you can display interchangeable messages with different patches that affix to the front of your mask. There are a total of 25 quips and phrases that you can acquire on NIN dot com. —MESSAGE IN A MASK— —SOURCE MATERIAL

Like many bands Papa Roach has been keeping busy by writing new music. They teased a snippet of new music recently on their youtube. Unlike other bands working together remotely Papa Roach said that “We all got tested and quarantined ourselves in ‘the bubble’ to write our next album.” —BUBBLE MUSIC—  —JUST THE TIP

Linkin Park is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their debut album Hybrid Theory. Grandson and Fever 333 are helping to celebrate the influential album that inspired them. Grandson just released a cover of One Step Closer and Fever 333 unveiled their rendition of In The End. Both covers are streaming now on Spotify. —FULL STORY

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