Rock Report 10/21/21

Last week, a vintage Grateful Dead T-shirt from 1967 sold at auction for a record-breaking $17,640.

That makes it the most expensive vintage rock shirt ever auctioned, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the same showcase from Sotheby’s, called “From the Vault: Property from the Grateful Dead and Friends,” a 1977 Dead tee went for $15,120. That one’s said to now be the second most expensive vintage rock shirt ever sold.

There is absolutely more new music coming from Limp Bizkit beyond the “Dad Vibes” single, that much is certain. But what will come next? In an Instagram Story post, frontman Fred Durst is polling fans in regards to that very question, asking if the nu-metal giants should drop another new song or just release all 12 songs at once.

The long-awaited successor to 2011’s Gold Cobra seems to be coming closer to a full release, though, when Bizkit teased that a wealth of new music was imminent, they never settled on a firm release date or even offered a window of time this could all be happening other than that it would be “soon.”

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has partnered with Oxford University psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton on the Psycho Schizo Espresso podcast, which debuts on Halloween (Oct. 31).

New episodes will premiere every other Tuesday across all podcast platforms and will cover a wide variety of topics within the field of psychology, with relevant tie-ins to some of Maiden’s most iconic lyrical themes, as well as a number of special guests.