Rock Report 10/15/21

A Day to Remember bassist Joshua Woodard has announced his departure from the band in a statement on his social media following allegations made against him in 2020 that have since resurfaced.

Yesterday (Oct. 12), several people on Twitter discussed Woodard and apparent allegations that had been made against him in the past.

One of his apparent accusers quoted the tweet and wrote, “To clarify what happened to me after I came out with what he did to me: he hired a PI to come to my home, harassed me with phone calls, served me a lawsuit, he thought I wouldn’t do shit but I hired a lawyer, my lawyer responded to his petition with a detailed statement about what he did.”

It may be Iron Maiden’s game, but the metal legends have been willing to share the spotlight in their “Legacy of the Beast” mobile game by creating in-game collaborations with other acts. The next to take place comes with Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV turning up this evening (Oct. 13) as part of an event called “Mascarade Diabolique.”

While fans can meet the Papa Emeritus IV character tonight, they can earn the character for free within the gaming by logging in tonight and for a total of seven days. The Papa character will be unlocked on the final and remain playable through Nov. 12 at 4PM PT.

The new mask Slipknot’s Corey Taylor debuted for the band’s current tour is, well, certainly a sight to behold. And if you want to behold it a little longer, adhesive metal stickers of the mask are now available to purchase, as Taylor revealed on social media this week.

Yes, the stickers are literally made of metal, printed on a “brushed alloy substrate.” They’re also pretty big at five inches tall each. Knot fans can get their hands on them via Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson’s online store, where a single is priced at $8, 3 for $20. The art was created by Chris Noble, who goes by Trashbag Ghost. Wilson has long sold stickers of his own logo, mask and likeness.