Tom DeLonge is back in blink-182.  The return of the estranged guitarist-vocalist of the veteran pop-punk band, also the visionary behind alt-rockers Angels & Airwaves, was announced on the group’s social media pages, which also promised that a new album is on the way, with the new song “Edging” set to debut on Oct. 14.  They also revealed tour dates!

One year after entering a hiatus, kawaii metal masters BabyMetal have announced their return with their first-ever concept album, The Other One, which will be released in the spring of 2023, and a teaser promises it will reveal a side of the band “we never knew existed.”

In the annals of “what if,” a potential collaboration between Chris Cornell and Eddie Van Halen would have to be ranked among the missed opportunities we’d most like to have heard. But at least one person had a chance to hear how it might have sounded as Cornell guitarist Pete Thorn recently revealed how close the collaboration came to almost happening.