Rock Report 10/12/21

Scott Stapp has expanded his horizons a bit, putting his powerful voice to great use on the new song “Light Up the Sky” that features music composed by dance producers/DJs Wooli and Trivecta.

Stapp’s soaring vocal perfectly fits the anthemic landscape created by his collaborators, still infusing a rock feel with more electronic elements to provide an epic piece of music that evokes a visual feel.

“This collab is definitely a ridiculously cool life moment. I grew up listening to Scott’s voice on the radio, so to get in a studio with him and bang out a song together was a super awesome experience,” stated Trivecta.

A 469 million-year-old fossil of a newly discovered species of conodonts (extinct jawless vertebrates that closely resemble eels) has just been named after founding Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.

As reported by Blabbermouth, a team of Danish and Swedish paleontologists retrieved the fossil “from a succession of limestone in western Russia” which, during the Ordovician Period (a 45-million year period dating 488.3 million years back), formed sea floor sediments.

Esmé Bianco’s lawsuit against Marilyn Manson for claims of sexual and physical abuse is set to proceed after a U.S. District Court judge struck down an attempt for dismissal that was being sought by Manson’s lawyers. Now, the embattled shock rocker — real name Brian Warner — and his attorneys have 14 days to file a formal response to each of the Game of Thrones actress’ claims.

Bianco originally detailed incidents of domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault and psychological trauma earlier this year February and, in April, she followed up by pursuing legal action against Manson with claims she was drugged, tortured and raped during their relationship. Multiple other women have also filed lawsuits against Manson for similar reasons, all rooted in sexual assault.