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A man purposely rammed his SUV into a New Jersey police station last month for no apparent reason. The 34 year old crashed into the departments squad room, got out of  his car holding his hands up and was apprehended immediately. The jacked up part of the whole situation was G’N’R’s “Welcome To The Jungle” was blaring the whole time!

Rush’s Geddy Lee has a new book coming out titled, “My Effin’ Life”, due out on November 14th. Along with the book release, the singer will also be going out on a spoken word tour to give fans a glimpse on what the book is a bout. You will be able to hear his stories from his childhood up until all the the crazy experiences he shared as a member of Rush. You can check him out at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on December 3rd.

And finally, David Draiman was a little more than ‘Disturbed’ over this past weekend when he discovered that his 10 week old golden retriever went missing. After posting on social media and a quick ‘Prayer’, word got out that his pup was found and returned.