Rock Report 10/02/2020

AC/DC is continuing to tease to a big release. They just released a snippet of new music. The general consensus has the title of the song being Shot In The Dark with the new album being called Power Up. If you want to hear the clip, you can check it out on YouTube. —JUST THE TIP

Linkin Park is also building up for their big release of the 20th Anniversary of Hybrid Theory later this month. They just dropped the demo version of In The End which will be on the 20th’s Anniversary reissue of Hybrid Theory. You can pick up the rawer version of In The End now via digital outlets. —RAW

Iron Maiden didn’t tease so much as payoff with the announcement that they would be releasing a live album in November. The british metallers had to cancel part of their Legacy of the beast tour so they poured over their concert recordings and will be giving us Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the beast: Live in Mexico City. That way if you didn’t catch the tour yet you can still sit back and listen to it and pretend you did. —TRACK LIST

Jonathan Davis of Korn has always been a fan of country music and has just cemented that with the release of a country version of What It Is. You may remember that as the lead single off his solo album Black Labyrinth. He replaced the heavy riffs with twangy guitar. It’s available now via digital outlets. —COUNTRY STYLE