Rock Report 1/6/2021

Due to large numbers of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in Los Angeles County the 63rd Grammy Awards will not be held at the end of this month like originally planned. No word yet on when the makeup date will be but the speculation is sometime in March. Even then the award show will look much different with no audience being present and the traditional red carpet start of the show being nixed. —FULL STORY

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has been working a new solo album of mostly covers during the pandemic. One of those covers he debuted recently during a virtual festival for Cat Stevens. Boyd covered Stevens Wild World and it is available now via digital outlets. Boyd said of the recording “About as close to a perfectly written song as one can get, I was mindful of ‘interpreting’ it and decided to honor this piece of art by playing it in its original arrangement.” —WILD WORLD AUDIO

With the new year comes the resolutions to go with it. Rock Stars aren’t immune to making resolutions and Corey Taylor recently shared his new years resolution for 2021 being that the Slipknot frontman is cutting sugar out of his diet completely.  In an interview Taylor said of the resolution “I’ve quit smoking, I’ve quit drinking, I’ve quit drugs; I’ve quit all that stuff. But this is the one that’s kind of hanging around.” —DIET TAYLOR

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