Rock Report 1/27/2021

Lajon Witherspoon, the frontman for Sevendust is putting the finishing touches on his debut solo album while Sevendust is not on the road due to covid. It will be a departure from his Sevendust sound by being more of blues and country influenced album. In a recent interview Witherspoon said of his solo work “It’s a lot of things that Sevendust, we don’t do,” —A DEPARTURE FROM THE USUAL SOUND

The new album from Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight, sounds different from any other album they have put out. The album is due out next Friday and is the Foo Fighters most danceable album to date. When asked about it in a recent interview Dave Grohl, front man for Foo Fighters said “I realized we’ve done the acoustic thing and the noisy thing, but we’ve never really made the party record. Let’s make something people will really bounce around to.’” Medicine at Midnight drops on February 5th. —NEW SOUND DETAILS

This Friday will see the second release from Rob Zombie’s new album The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy. The song is called The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man. The whole album is set to come out on March 12th. —ZOMBIE’S NEW TUNE DETAILS

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