Rock Report 1/21/2021

Usually when you quit a job or get fired you get rid of everything you had associated with the job because you’ll never need it again. In the case of original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney, he held on to the first ever Metallica business card. In the photo posted on McGovney’s twitter you can see the now iconic Metallica logo with the phrase Power Metal and a phone number to call to contact the band. It makes you wonder who would answer that phone number now. —HISTORIC TWEET

New Orleans Jazz Fest has been rescheduled for October this year. Usually the festival is usually held at the end of April but for obvious reasons fall might work out better for them. The lineup for the 2021 New Orleans Jazz Fest will be announced in the spring and hopefully it’s as good as last years lineup was going to be with Foo Fighters, The Who, The Black Crowes and more. —SOURCE STORY

With Chevelle announcing their new album Niratias last week it has caused people to search out their older music. So much so in fact that five of their singles were certified gold, all on the same day. Vitamin R, Jars, I Get It, Face to the Floor and The Clincher all reached 500,000 equivilant units sold. At this rate Chevelle is going to need some serious wall space to hang all the gold records. —GOLD RECORDS ON THE WALL

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