For those who love the early era of Megadeth, alums David Ellefson and Jeff Young will take their Kings of Thrash outfit out on tour in early 2023, revisiting the music from Megadeth’s first two albums.  The “Thrashin’ USA” tour is set to get underway Feb. 16 in Joliet, Illinois, hitting 21 markets along the way before coming to conclusion March 15 in Atlanta, Georgia

Congratulations to Kelly Osbourne and Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, who recently welcomed their baby boy Sidney together. He’s the couple’s first child.  It’s unclear exactly when Sidney was born, but Sharon Osbourne confirmed his name during an appearance on the U.K. network.

Marilyn Manson has one less lawsuit hanging over him at the moment. According to Spin, a California judge has dismissed the lawsuit brought by model Ashley Morgan Smithline against the musician after Smithline failed to hire a new attorney to represent herself during a 90-day window set by the court.