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Rival Sons have put out a new single titled “Mercy” from their new album “Lightbringer” that will be hitting shelves on October 20th. This will be the bands second album released this year, following June’s “Darkfighter” LP.

Vince Neil had to cut his concert short Saturday night at the Oklahoma State Fair because of shooting that broke out at the fairgrounds. Vince and his solo band were ushered into a dressing room when shots were fired between two groups of people nearby the stage. Police said that an altercation took place leading to one person being shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition and another being arrested and charged with assault of a deadly weapon.

And finally, Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir fell off a stage during the band’s show this past weekend. Fan footage shows the singer losing his footing and falling off the stage during the band’s performance, then being quickly helped back up by a roadie. The show went on as if nothing ever happened.