Rock Report 09/25/2020

Corey Taylor is a big wrestling fan and this past Wednesday he unveiled a new song on WWE’s NXT show. The name of the tune is Culture Head and it is available via digital outlets now. The full new album CMFT is due out October 2nd and Taylor will be performing a live stream event to celebrate the release. —LYRIC VIDEO

Marilyn Manson just released a video for his new song Don’t Chase The Dead. It stars Manson and Norman Reedus in a recreation of Reservoir Dogs. You can see for yourself over on YouTube now. —CAN YOU HEAR IT NOW?

Nirvana and Marc Jacobs have been embroiled in a legal battle since 2018 when Nirvana LLC sued the fasion designer for using the Nirvana smiley face logo without permission. Now a third person has entered the fray in Robert Fisher who claims to be the original designer of the logo.  Fisher was an art director for Geffen records back in ’91 and he claims he drew the smiley as a favor to the bands management. Nirvana LLC maintains that Cobain drew the logo. The suits will go to trail sometime in 2021. —FULL ARTICLE