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The band Kix has called it quits after a 45 year run, playing their last show ever in their home state of Maryland this past Sunday. The band announced their final concert 4 months ago, after singer Steve Whiteman stated that due to health issues with a few bandmates, along with him not being able to reach all the high notes anymore, the band decided it was the right time to retire.

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley was discharged from a hospital over the weekend after the front man ended up with pneumonia and had to be rushed to the ER last Friday. Whibley, who has been battling health issues for years now, was also rushed to the hospital back in 2014 after collapsing in his kitchen due to kidney and liver failure caused by heavy drinking through the years.

And finally, Blink-182 have a new album coming out on October 20th, titled “One More Time.” It marks the the first album to feature the group’s classic lineup since the release of 2011’s “Neighborhoods.”