Source: YouTube

Dirty Honey have a new album coming out on November 3rd titled “Can’t Find The Brakes,” and have put out a video for their latest single “Won’t Take Me Alive.” The video centers around a private school student who becomes defiant after her principle lays down the law, expecting her to abide by all the rules, including not listening to rock music.

Mudvayne’s Chad Gray recently celebrated two years since he quit drinking. Gray who is now 51, hadn’t brought up the fact that he had been staying away from drinking, but now that it has been two years, felt it was important to recognize his accomplishment. Way to go Chad!

And finally, Brian “Head” Welch of Korn says that fans can expect to hear some new music from the band next year. In a recent interview, Welch stated that the band has been kind of in hiding, doing their own thing, but are prepared to get back into the studio soon.