Source: YouTube

Metallica have released the second official video for the band’s latest release “Too Far Gone.” The video features a skate boarder who is missing both his legs wiping out trying to do all kinds of tricks, but towards the end of the clip actually succeeds. Along with that, the video bounces back and forth between the legless thrasher and live footage from Metallica performing at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

Jason Rockman, singer of the Canadian metal band Slaves On Dope and host of a radio station based in Montreal, successfully pranked Donald Trump on Wednesday by pretending to be Clint Eastwood. The singer spent several minutes interviewing Trump disguising his voice as Eastwood, with at one point the former President stating that it was an honor to be speaking with the star.

And finally, at a recent Cro-Mags show, a violent incident took place that involved singer Harley Flanagan getting sprayed with mace and cut by a razor blade. According to the singer, there was a misunderstanding that took place at one of the opening acts merch table that escalated into a full out brawl which led to Flanagan beating up one of the members after getting sliced and sprayed in the face.