Rock Report 09/15/2020

The Dave Grohl, Nandi Bushell story continues. Bushell is the 10 year old youtube sensation that challenged the Foo Fighters frontman to a drum battle. After a little back and forth Grohl had awarded Bushell with the round one win and a promise of something special for round 2. That something special was just unveiled this past weekend when Grohl wrote and played a song all about Bushell. Now the tune is in her court. It will be interesting to see what she comes back with. —THE DRUM BATTLE CONTINUES

Khal Drogo actor Jason Mamoa got a unique opportunity recently. He got to sit down with the bass master Les Claypool at Claypools California wine cellar for a lesson on how to play the Primus frontmans tune My Name Is Mud. The video of the lesson is on Primus’s Instagram. —BASS LESSON

Sevendust has a live stream event planned around the release of their new album Blood and Stone on October 23rd. Hopefully Lajon Witherspoon will be all healed up by then. The Sevendust frontman has an accident with a swiss army knife and his finger. In a post on Instagram Witherspoon said “Accidents do happen can’t believe I’m in the ER, haven’t been in an emergency room since 1975.” —INSTA POST

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