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Nickelback have a new documentary out titled “Hate To Love: Nickelback.” The film explores the band’s early days, their rise to fame, as well as all the hate that surrounded them throughout their career. Singer Chad Kroeger has stated that he is putting all the negativity behind him, and from this point on will end any interview immediately if ever asked again about all the hatred.

One lucky person has struck a deal to purchase a 10% claim on Led Zeppelin’s catalog. According to LedZepNews, Helen Grant, who is the daughter of the band’s manager, decided to sell her share to an un-named individual for a price unknown. 10% may seem small, but in a five year period, Zeppelin’s music raked in over $60 million from royalties.

And finally, Blink-182 resumed their European tour this past Saturday after Travis Barker’s emergency exit last week to be at his wife, Kourtney Kardashian’s side in a hospital after complication’s with her pregnancy. After a life-threatening emergency surgery that went well, Barker took to his social media, thanking fans for their support.