Rock Report 09/01/2020

You would think Ozzy Osbourne could go out in public any way he wants, however you would be wrong. The UK based tabloid Daily Mail published photos of the Prince of Darkness without his usual black hair dye. As would be expected the 71 year old Ozzy has a touch of grey hair and the Daily Mail’s headline read   “EXCLUSIVE: Ozzy Osbourne looks nearly unrecognizable with his grey hair” Ozzy’s son Jack went on a Facebook tirade that said “It’s amazing that Ozzy can have a 50-year career, selling millions of albums and all that you a-holes wanna talk about his his hair roots” —FULL STORY

Even though Pop Evil’s new single Work is sitting on the top 10 of the Billboard Mainstream rock charts right now, it wasn’t even supposed to be a song that Pop Evil Did. Leigh Kakaty, wrote the new Pop Evil tune without ever having the intention of it being a Pop Evil song but, as Kakaty put it in a recent interview “a way to get my “athletic friends,” who aren’t as into rock, to listen to heavier music.” —STORY

Nandi Bushell is the 10 year old viral youtube drumming sensation that has gotten praise from Tom Morello, Kirk Hammet, and now Dave Grohl. Bushell had challenge the Foo Fighter frontman to a drum battle in one of her more recent videos after playing the Foo Fighter’s Everlong. Grohl recently responded to her challenge in a video of his own in which he played Everlong on his daughter drum kit and then challenged Bushell to play his tune Dead End Friends that he did with Them Crooked Vultures. Bushell took to twitter to accept the challenge and ended it with “I am going to checkmate this one too!” —DETAILS