Rock Report 08/21/2020

If you’re looking for something visual that’s not to abysmal then one of the new videos that dropped on youtube recently could be up your alley.

Corey Taylor dropped the video for his new tune Black Eyes Blue and his new album CMFT is set to release October 2nd. —BLACK EYES BLUE

10 Years released their new video for The Shift which is off their new album Violent Allies due out September 18th —THE SHIFT

Biffy Clyro dropped a video for their song Space off their album A Celebration of Endings which came out last Friday. —SPACE

Another thing for your eyes and ears is Metallica’s drive-in show coming up next weekend. It’s a whole new show that the metal legends recorded recently. When asked about it in a recent interview Lar Ulrich said  “There weren’t as many people as we’re used to, but the joy of playing together and getting the chance to play at any level kind of supersedes any of that.” —FULL STORY