Source: YouTube

Corey Taylor just released his third song off his soon to be released sophomore solo studio album “CMF2” titled “Talk Sick”. According to Taylor, he says that he played the guitar intro through a speaker about the size of a coffee cup, which made the song sound violent, like you were being stung by a bunch of bees who are playing along to the Sex Pistols.

In a brand new interview with former Saliva singer Josey Scott, he revealed that he was originally approached to sing the guest rap on Evanescence’s breakthrough 2003 hit “Bring Me To Life”, but because of scheduling conflicts, could not make it happen, leaving Paul McCoy from 12 stones to be the one who eventually took the part.

And finally, Come to find out, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn is a big Post Malone fan, so much that he considers him to be one of the greatest American songwriters and performers of all time. Who would have thought?