Rock Report 08/18/2020

Smith and Myers teased a new album on twitter over the weekend. It will be a follow up to their 2014 two part EP that was all cover songs. This time, for the first time, they have all new original material slated for this release. —MORE DETAILS

Smashing Pumpkins are also teasing something. On their website are a series of countdown clocks. The first of which runs out just after midnight on Friday August 28th. What it’s counting down to only Smashing Pumpkins knows for sure but speculation is that it’ll be a new album based on something Billy Corgan said in an interview in February. —COUNTING DOWN

Finally, Deftones have changed all their social media profile and header images to black. That and their website homepage reads Could it be the follow up album to 2016’s Gore? Maybe, but we’ll just have to wait till September 25th to know for sure. —FULL ARTICLE