Rock Report 08/11/2020

Love them or hate them but Nickelback does know how to cause a stir. The band teased yesterday that something was coming from them this Friday. It could be a new song, maybe a new album or even an announcement on their long awaited documentary, Nickelback didn’t say but it definitely got people talking. —THE TEASE

Corey Taylor is a man with a lot on his plate. His new solo project drops on October 2nd. There’s always Slipknot stuff on the horizon, and he even made time to talk sci-fi and horror movies on an upcoming episode of SYFY’s Metal Crush Mondays. However, one thing he removed from his plate like the vegetables your kids don’t want to eat is Stone Sour. Taylor admitted in a recent interview that he and the rest of the band decided to go on indefinite hiatus because “Everybody’s kinda going and doing their own thing.” —FULL STORY

Martin Birch was a prolific record producer and engineer who passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. He worked on albums for White Snake, the first two Black Sabbath albums with Dio as the lead singer, the first few Rainbow albums and his most notable collaboration was with Iron Maiden. Birch was the producer for 10 of Iron Maidens albums starting with 1981’s Killers all the way through 1992’s Fear Of The Dark. Birch had been retired from the music business since 1992. —SAD NEWS