Rock Report 07/29/20

With the passing of Charlie Daniels earlier this month it was only a matter of time before some band did a cover of Devil Went Down To Georgia. That someone is Korn. They recorded the cover with hip-hop artist Yelawolf and all the proceeds from the sale of the cover will be going to Awakening Youth. A charity that supports children who have lost their parents. You can download Korn’s version of Devil Went Down to Georgia only on bandcamp NOW. —GET THE SONG HERE

Last year Dee Snider claimed to have knowledge of an AC/DC album that was in the works. He recently updated that knowledge by saying that the album has been recorded but that it had been delayed due to Covid-19. Snider said of the album in a recent interview “This is gonna be a miracle of technology, what will be achieved, the reuniting of the band that we know for one more album, this is the ultimate ‘one more time.” —FULL ARTICLE HERE

Biffy Clyro’s new single Instant History is a song that is just dying to be played in front of thousands of people. Of course that isn’t an option right now but drummer Ben Johnston is looking forward to time when it is. “I just can’t wait to take this [song] to a big stage and hopefully hear everyone sing that, it’s one of those real gang-vocals where everybody gets involved.” When they do play it in front of thousands of people Biffy Clyro won’t be able to hear if the fans are singing along. They have a livestream planned for the day after A Celebration of Endings drops on August 14th. —FULL STORY HERE