Source: YouTube

Sevendust will be releasing their fourteenth studio album tomorrow titled “Truth Killer,” and to go along with it, have released a new video for their fourth single from the album. The video for “Superficial Drug”  features the band performing as cloaked figures representing ‘superficial drugs’ as they try to take over the band.

A week or so ago, Megadeth took part in a “ghost hunt” at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield prior to one of their performances. The video which you can check out on line, shows the band walking through the spooky reformatory, which by the way was also where most of Shawshank Redemption was filmed.

And finally, Pantera bassist, Rex Brown posted a picture on Instagram of him and his new wife Elena. Per details provided in the photo he shared, they had first got together in 1984, and then after some time apart, they reunited in 2011, with Brown proposing in 2022. The two got hitched back in June.