ROCK REPORT 03/09/23

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx says they’re having a blast right now, so why stop? Sixx, says the band is getting along great right now. They’ve gone out to dinner together and they’ve been hanging out having the best time. He says new Crue music is very possible in the near future! The band is on tour in Europe right now but will return to the states in 2024. Sixx says he’s interested in seeing the band perform into the 2030’s! By the way, Nikki will be into his 70’s when the next decade rolls around.

Van Halen fans will wanna check out a book by Andrew Bennett titled…212 days and nights with the genius of Eddie Van Halen. In the book, there’s a story about Eddie and Fred durst jamming together in 2001 at Fred’s house in Beverly Hills. In the book, Eddie described the encounter as…”being a scholar amongst kindergartners”..Fred was high as a kite and Eddie didn’t partake so he snuck out and forgot to take his gear with him. After several unsuccessful attempts to get his gear back, Eddie purchased a military assault vehicle and showed up at Fred’s house locked and loaded. Needless to say, he grabbed his gear and left. By the way, the book price is available online for the Van Halen price of $5151!

Queensryche fans were concerned after hearing about former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate open-heart surgery last summer. Geoff responded…stating that he has a new outlook on life!  “I think I’m very reflective now, perhaps more than I’ve ever been and I really enjoy the moments a lot more.”