Incubus announced earlier this week that bassist Ben Kenney would miss the band’s immediate shows, citing that he was recovering from a “medical procedure.” While the band’s statement didn’t specify what Kenney had done, the bassist revealed in his own social media post that he recently had surgery to have a brain tumor removed.

Ghost are back and this time they’ve got a little bit of help as Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott is joining in on a new version of the Impera song, “Spillways.”  The track, sounding very inspired by late ’70s / early ’80s hard rock and metal, now has one of the early ’80s best hard rock voices with Elliott joining in.

After returning to the stage with Rob Zombie for the first time in nearly 20 years late last year, it appears classic guitarist Mike Riggs is here to stay in the wake of John 5 joining Motley Crue.  Riggs performed with Zombie at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California on Oct. 6.