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Hackensack vegan cheese maker Violife is teaming up with Blink 182drummer Travis Barker to promote the benefits of plant-based diets. In an effort to help consumers embrace better eating habits in the new year, the company, along with Barker are offering people a free bagel with dairy-free cream cheese…(and that’s if you are an Instacart member.) I say No thanks!!! I want all the fat and dairy I can get!!

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph took to his social media after beating the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday quoting a line out of a Black Sabbath song. On his Instragram he wrote “Generals gathered in their masses” which is a line from Sabbath’s song War Pigs. The post prompted more than 11,000 comments, with one comment being “Go Mason! Black Sabbath”! I might have to jump ship now and get me a Mason jersey! Not!!!

And finally, former Mr. Bungle keyboardist Theobald Lengyel was arrested Tuesday and is being charged with the murder of his  girlfriend who was originally reported missing, but then found found dead in a wooded area last week in Berkley California. Lengyel, who was a founding member of the group, left on bad terms after appearing on only two of the bands albums.