Credit: Steve Keros

A British Red Hot Chili Peppers fan got a big surprise recently when he realized he’d actually bought tickets to see Red Hot Chilli Pipersself-described as “The Most Famous Bagpipe Band on the Planet.”

The fan, Duncan Robb, purchased tickets for himself and his girlfriend to the Chilli Pipers’ gig in Belfast, Northern Ireland, thinking they were going to see Anthony Kieids and company. Even after realizing the mix-up, they decided to make the trip anyway.

“Still can’t believe we’ve flown over to Belfast not for the @ChiliPeppers but to see the ‘worlds best bagpipe band’ @chillipipers,” Robb tweeted. “Thought I’d got a rate good deal on tickets n’all. Had a nightmare.”

The couple even ended up going to the Chilli Pipers show. Still, Robb probably doesn’t ever want to feel like he did that day.

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