Random Things My Coworkers Say…. The Foot Fetish Edition – AUCTION!

Stino has nice feet.  She showed them off to Tom on the WIIL ROCK Morning Show (see video below).  She got to thinking… there must be some foot fetish person who wants to come in and be on the show and be our guest for “Ask A Foot Fetishist”….. and Stino saw dollar signs!  So if that is you send Stino an E-mail and tell her how much you are willing to pay* to come in one morning and play with her feet, and tell us all about why that is your “thing”.  Send your bid to [email protected]   The current high bid is $0 by No One!  Listen for updates!

*Tom’s half of the money goes to St Baldrick’s… Stino’s half goes to Stino.