Yes! Vince McMahon is bringing back the XFL!  The main reason I’m a fan of this move is that I support anyone with huge testicles.  It takes intestinal fortitude to spend this much money on an idea where not many see a value.

The success of Vince McMahon is one of the greatest stories to tell in America.  From less-than-humble beginnings, suffering abuse from older family members to taking a carny contest and creating a billion dollar, global entertainment powerhouse.

Even if you don’t like wrestling, football, or IcoPro, you must make note of this GLORIOUS story of success.

Most have already seen the press conference from yesterday.  Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet.  Seems fitting the fake news New York Times did an interview with the fake sports master McMahon, here’s a link to that interview, and a clip,

McMahon said he would not run the league day to day or be its public face. He was not supposed to be the public face of the old XFL, either. But on opening night, at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, he was screaming to the crowd and television audience: “This. Is. The. XFL!”

“Forget what we did with the XFL,” McMahon said, laughing. “That was a long time ago.”

No word yet on where the franchises will be located. If you recall from the previous iteration, the Chicago Enforcers played home games in the league at Solider Field.  If they brought back a Chicago franchise, what would YOU name it?  Is there a better place to play games than Soldier Field?  Let me know, [email protected].

Although not starting until 2020, we are currently looking for businesses interested in XFL promotional opportunities! Want to sponsor the XFL Pick ‘Em contest? Maybe you want to host an XFL viewing party?  Give me a shout!


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