Our boss John Perry got this e-mail yesterday after we had our moment of silence for 9/11 and then discussed the anniversary of that terrible day.


Date: September 11, 2019 at 8:16:52 AM CDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: 9/11
Mr. Perry- I want to let you know how impress I was with willrock this morning with Tom and Emily.
I was impress that the radio station went silence and then played the God Bless America song.
When the radio station was a silence, just out of curiosity I wanted to see if the other radio stations were doing the same thing and it was business as usual. I switch to 5 different radio stations and nothing.
Please let the morning show know how impress I was. I will also be putting this on social media on how impress I was Wiilrock. Thanks for remembering 9/11.
Keep up the good work.


To be honest, we were not really sure what to do on our show for the 9/11 anniversary.  There is definitely not a radio handbook for things like this.  It’s kind of strange, it was kind of like reliving part of that day all over again.  On 9/11/2001 we were not sure what to do either.  We just kind of made it up as we went along that day.

But… On 9/12/01 we absolutely knew what to do… It was a day to come together as Americans.  We all talked on the air about what had happened the day before, how we found out, where we were, how we felt, and what we wanted to do about it.  We did all of that TOGETHER.  We all agreed that we would “NEVER FORGET” what had happened.  I mean, how could we???

Then I see this e-mail from Wanda and I wonder to myself if we actually are doing just that?  Are we forgetting?  Or… Were we wrong to do what we did for the anniversary on our show?  Was it bad radio?  Did these other stations know something that I didn’t know?  I’m not asking for a friend… I really do want to know.  Are we so divided now that even the thing that brought us all together on 9/11 no longer matters to us the way it did then?  Are we just tired of thinking about bad things?  Do we just want to stick our heads in the sand and humm so we don’t see, hear, or remember any bad things?  Or is it that we embrace our division so much now that we don’t even care to come together on this anniversary the way we came to together on 9/12/01?  I see so much energy spent on our red/blue, left/right, Dem/Rep division.  I see more energy, emotion and air time spent on that division than I see spent on things that could bring us together… like remembering 9/11.  Do we need another national tragedy to take us back to 9/12/01 when we remember that we are all Americans?  I hope not.   The answers to our difficult problems can be found in that which brings us together, not in that which divides us.  Our solutions aren’t red or blue… they are purple.  They will be found when we come together.  Let’s be purple.  Let’s NEVER FORGET.  Let’s act like we did on 9/12/01.

And to you Wanda I say THANKS!  People are quick to call, e-mail or “see a manager” to complain about something.  Not you Wanda… you took the time and spent the energy to compliment.   Thanks Wanda!

#NeverForget #BePurple – Tom